Un Billete A Cualquier Parte
Role: Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Vuelo 505
Dromedario Records
The Goodnight Show
Role: Producer
With an asteroid heading towards Earth, high school teenager, Sam, aims to claim his loss of innocence in the world's final hours.
Tribeca Film Festival
The Wrap's ShortList 
Crested Butte Film Festival
Santa Fe International Film Festival
Houston Worldfest
Fastnet Film Festival
A Love Beyond
Role: Producer 
Mirroring the tragic and supportive duality of the pandemic, our film tells the resilient story of Lenin, a New Yorker with Down Syndrome who lost his last remaining family member to COVID-19. Lenin’s story is ultimately one that shows what it means to find love in humanity, in empathy, and in finding a new home in the hearts of those that support us.
Retrospective of Jupiter
Awareness Film Festival
Justice Film Festival
Urban Pathways
Role: Producer 
Shaping, growing, and persisting beyond our   pasts—we find life.  This short, created for Urban Pathways' 2021 gala, recognizes the journey of three individuals as they reflect on homelessness, addiction, incarceration, and mental illness. Coming from past hardships, Jonathan, Rufus, and Medina find joy in their presents and new hope for their futures. The film honors the resilience of the individuals’ spirits, the support provided by Urban Pathways, and ultimately, the belief that we are not defined by our pasts.

New York Urban League
Role: Producer 
This film, created for the New York Urban League's Centennial Gala, highlights the determined, adaptable, and incredible impact NYUL has made throughout the years.
Role: Director, DP
Shot in Prague, Czech Republic
Languages: Czech with English Subtitles
In Association with The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague 

Under the Tree
Role: Director, DP, Editor
16mm B&W Short Film
Rock Candy
Role: Director, Editor
A sweet short with bite; "Rock Candy," is a film about a teenage girl who looks within her darker self to protect the ones she loves. 

The Face Off
Role: Co-Director
In Association with the Hafan Animation Studios in Prague, Czech Republic
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